In Japan, there are many environmental technologies that promotes sustainability. We assist in developing markets for these technologies and establishing overseas production bases by leveraging our overseas network and other resources.


EHSS stands for Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability. The comprehensive management and activities of EHSS are becoming essential part of all business. Propharm Japan supports corporate activities to enhance well-being of your company and the society via the following services:

  • Assistance in company-wide EHSS business plans and strategies aimed at promoting well-being
  • Mitigation of environmental impacts through decarbonization and water usage reduction
  • Support in employees' health and safety management
  • Creation of a safe work environment for employees and continuity of corporate activities

Global EHSS/Sustainability Risk Management/Consulting Services

We provide professional advices and supports in environment, health and safety, and sustainability aspects based on global/domestic/overseas standards.


Assessment, Research, Strategy development, and Advisory Service on ESG, SDGs and other sustainability

We comprehensively support corporate activities related to ESG, SDGs and others sustainability issues based on our experiences based on leading domestic and internatinal project experiences

Communication Support

Social/Labour and Human Rights (LHR) Audit/Consulting Service

We support in assessing the situation and establishing a management system for social topics (labor rights and ethics), for which needs have been increasing in recent years.


Communication Support (Technical Translation) Service in EHSS

We support your internal and external communication. The services include technical translation of SOPs, manuals and other documents related to EHSS, ESG, SDGs, etc.


Environmental Technology Global Marketing Service

We provide advisory and overseas deployment support services related to monitoring of environmental technologies, hardware and software, focusing on technologies of climate change mitigation and adaptation.