In recent years, as public expectations for ESG, SDGs, and sustainability grows, demands for social responsibility (labor rights and ethics) have increased on supply chain. Along with these, the need for compliance evaluation and management system construction has been growing accordingly. Based on practical experience, we analyze the current situation of your company's activities, incorporate them into tasks, and provide support in assessing the situation and establishing a management system for social topics.

Social/Labour and Human Rights (LHR) Audit/Consulting Services

As part of a company's social responsibility to its supply chain, it is becoming increasingly common for clients to be asked to review and self-assess their own management of codes of conduct, ethics, human rights, labor laws, and other related issues. In addition, human rights due diligence is widely required to evaluate non-financial information disclosure.
We have cooperated with influential overseas NGOs in the social sectors, and have conducted audits, consulting and other services for about 10 years.
With these experiences, we provide operational support services tailored to your company's operation and requests.

Key Examples of Social/LHR Audit/Consulting Services

Social audit based on industry and supplier standards

Standards have been developed in the supply chain to ensure that safe working environment, workers treated with respect and dignity, the company committed to environmental responsibility, and operations conducted ethically. We perform risk assessment based on these standards at your company and your business partners, and report with appropriate measures.

Support and training for audit response

We provide support for audits, which are becoming stricter and more costly year by year. We share key points such as "what perspectives should be audited" and facilitate reduction of man-hours required for internal response ensuring smooth audit response.

Trend surveys related to overseas social fields

Standards in the social field have been formulated in Europe and other regions and industries. We will support your company's appropriate social initiatives by researching these standards and the initiatives of your competitors.

Implementation Approach

Based on your company's situation, we efficiently and effectively support the formulation of tools and the construction of management and operation methods for the tools.We assist in selecting a management system after fully understanding your current situation and clarifying your needs through interviews.

Step 1:Confirmation of current situation

We conduct interviews regarding the tools and management systems concerning social aspects currently in use, operational procedures (response when changes occur, methods of confirming applicable laws and regulations, personnel transfers and changes in personnel, internal training on legal compliance, etc.) and other related issues.
We also review the management data and manuals.

Step 2:Extraction of issues to be improved / Identification of main elements of tools and management systems

Based on the results of Step 1, we identify and prioritize issues that need to be improved, identify the main elements of the tools and management systems and methods that your company needs, and propose how to utilize the tools and management systems.

Specifically, we identify the target facilities, points of change, and the scope of applicable laws and regulations in the tool to be constructed, and determine the tool framework.

Step 3:Formulation of tools

Based on the framework developed in Step 2, we develop the tool. After the draft is developed, we then make any necessary adjustments to finalize the tool upon your review.

Step 4:Tool maintenance/management proposal

To facilitate continuous use of the tools within your organization, we also update the laws and regulations and propose management and operation rules that define rules for self-inspection by each factory (maintenance of operation manuals, etc.).


EHSS stands for Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability. The comprehensive management and activities of EHSS are becoming essential part of all business. Propharm Japan supports corporate activities to enhance well-being of your company and the society via the following services:

  • Assistance in company-wide EHSS business plans and strategies aimed at promoting well-being
  • Mitigation of environmental impacts through decarbonization and water usage reduction
  • Support in employees' health and safety management
  • Creation of a safe work environment for employees and continuity of corporate activities

Global EHSS/Sustainability Risk Management/Consulting Services

We provide professional advices and supports in environment, health and safety, and sustainability aspects based on global/domestic/overseas standards.


Assessment, Research, Strategy development, and Advisory Service on ESG, SDGs and other sustainability

We comprehensively support corporate activities related to ESG, SDGs and others sustainability issues based on our experiences based on leading domestic and internatinal project experiences

Communication Support

Social/Labour and Human Rights (LHR) Audit/Consulting Service

We support in assessing the situation and establishing a management system for social topics (labor rights and ethics), for which needs have been increasing in recent years.


Communication Support (Technical Translation) Service in EHSS

We support your internal and external communication. The services include technical translation of SOPs, manuals and other documents related to EHSS, ESG, SDGs, etc.


Environmental Technology Global Marketing Service

We provide advisory and overseas deployment support services related to monitoring of environmental technologies, hardware and software, focusing on technologies of climate change mitigation and adaptation.