Propharm Japan is looking for motivated and passionate individuals to join our team, exert their strength in the EHSS profession and build a sustainable society with us. We are currently recruiting the following positions. The information below is only for reference. We welcome all interested applicants.

It is Propharm Japan's believe that the solutions to future EHSS/sustainability issues are dynamic and living. We have to be innovative and revolutionary when dealing with existing business rules and conventional industry practices.

In this regard, we welcome everyone, even if you are from different expertises, who are interested in and passionate about working in EHSS profession.

In addition, our team structure is flexible, horizontal and project-based, aiming at maximizing the value we can provide to our valuable clients. We work with people who share our vision, no matter your age, gender, or country of origin. If you are interested in being part of our team, please feel free to [Contact Us]."