MISSIONOur Mission

To build bridges between Japan and the rest of the world in human behavior change and technological innovation in sustainability aspect, and to achieve a global sustainable society.

VISIONMessage from the Managing Director

Since 2006, we have been providing consulting services on environment, health and safety, and sustainability to local and international companies, governmental organizations, and international organizations.

The 20th century was an era of thorough pursuit of material affluence, rationality and efficiency.
As a result, we are able to enjoy a rich and abundant life. However, on the other hand, social issues, such as increased environmental impacts due to emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, water pollution and massive waste-generation, and labor issues are caused not only in Japan but around the world.

Corporates, government agencies and all sectors share a common raison d'etre: contributing to the improvement of welfares and quality of life (QOL) of the humankind throughout the world.
In other words, we all need to take a long-term perspective, think about the future of humankind, and act accordingly. However, current response to environmental and social problems does not necessarily promise a bright future for our next generations. Also, the solutions to problems do not start with just idealistic visions. Our generation is tasked to select and implement realistic, most effective and sustainable options while building a long-term sustainability strategy within limited time.

The environmental and social issues are ever-changing. In response to the various challenges, we support our clients to minimize their environmental and societal impacts globally, while aligning their business vectors and improving their business value and well-being, as well as the measures implementation.

As a Japanese company with the global network, we experienced the superiority of Japan's environmental technology, on-site management and improvement capabilities and Japanese culture that we are proud to introduce to the world.
With our vision of "becoming a global environmental and social consulting company originating from Japan"", we do our utmost to support the smooth business development of domestic companies expanding overseas in line with the social demands for sustainability.

Profile of Managing Director


Hiroshi Tachikawa

Academic Qualification

B.Sc., Sustainable Resource Management, Ohio State University (2000)
M.Sc., International Development Studies, The University of Tokyo (2008)

Career Profile

After working for a multinational pharmaceutical company, and engaged in a number of environmental consulting projects, Hiroshi has started Propharm Japan Co.,Ltd., focusing on environmental and social fields since 2006. His key activities include the followings:
Engaged in standardization of ISO 14051 (Material Flow Cost Accounting) as a chair group member (Assistant Secretary)
Member of Material Flow Cost Accounting Committee for Introduction, Demonstration and Local Management (entrusted by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (June 2009 to present))
Engaged in International Environment, Health and Safety Governance Organization as a Representative Director
Conducted multiple worldwide environmental advisory, risk management projects
Worked with a number of financial/manufacturing multinational businesses as an environmental advisor/consultant for corporate merger and acquisition (M&A)
Conducted multiple material flow cost accounting related environmental projects that deliver both increased profits and material productivity