EHSS audits at overseas sites of major Japanese companies

We conducted environmental, occupational safety and health compliance assessments at seven of the label and packaging manufacturer’s overseas production sites in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Vietnam.

The survey was conducted in cooperation and collaboration with consultants belonging to the Inogen Alliance, an overseas network of sustainability professionals.

The assessment items were set in advance, site visits and assessments were carried out by local consultants, and assessment result summary reports (Japanese and English versions) were created. Main topics of environment, health and safety are covered comprehensively by the assessment, including environmental management in general, air emissions, water and wastewater, waste, chemicals and hazardous substances, fire safety, general health and safety management, technical safety, emergency response, and industrial hygiene.

Similar assessments in that scale often result in inconsistent quality of final reports for each site due to differences in the level of skill and qualifications of consultants in each country. Our service allows the same in-house group to prepare and quality-check the final reports for all seven sites based on the site visits by local consultants and their reports, thus ensuring that the quality and content of the final reports are consistent. This allows final reports to be consistent in both quality and assessment content.