Study on regulations and policies, current status of energy mix and future trends related to decarbonization efforts at overseas sites of major domestic companies.

Based on basic data on the past year’s electricity consumption and site area for two of the major pharmaceutical company’s overseas production sites, located in the United States and France, we examined the options that could be taken to reduce carbon emissions and decarbonize the sites with their feasibility and profitability.

Options such as installing a solar power generation system on the company’s premises, purchasing green power from a power supply company, and purchasing energy attribute certificates and implementing carbon offsets were taken into consideration.

The survey was conducted in cooperation and collaboration with consultants belonging to the Inogen Alliance, an overseas network of sustainability professionals. We also conducted research on the regulations and policies applicable to the target site, the current status and future trends of the energy mix, the electric power sector structure, and pioneering cases by other companies. In addition, based on the installable area of ​​solar panels, energy density, etc., we calculate the potential annual power generation for having solar power generation system installed on premises. By comparing it with the electricity cost of the system and considering the installation cost, we calculated the investment recovery period and provide the basic reference for the client to effectively use when making decisions.